True Muscle (and Luxury)

As you get to know me from this blog, you will find that I am not just all about speed, but I am a huge fan of luxury.  In fact, I actually prefer luxury over speed.

Let me tell you a little story about one time when I was traveling (and it not only includes me breaking down, but also having to hire a towing company to get me back on the road!)

Now I’m from the midwest, so I have driven all over to various car shows, exhibits, museums, you name it.  I always want to see what’s out there.  What are people building, creating, etc.

One time I took a trip to Saint Louis, MO to visit a car company there because I loved their custom work.  It was like a 4 hour drive, but whatever, it was worth it.  It always is.  Hey… I hear they had great BBQ AND cars so I was sold.  ;)

The actual car competition was hosted by this company that specialized in muscle meets luxury.  So rather than your stupid, basic, leather bench seats like you see in the vast majority of customs being completed this year, they really go over the top.

They use leather steering wheels, add heated seats, and more.  We’re talking Bose sound systems and the whole nine.  It really is a treat to ride around in a car that can push 200 mph while being wrapped in luxurious fabrics and leathers.

The smell of those cars was insane.  I was in love.

And now for the bad part of the story.  I broke down!  My “muscle car” must have needed a little bit more luxury because it crapped out on me.  I hopped on Yelp and found a towing company in St. Charles to come hook me up.  Thank god it was nothing major.  They took me to a nearby body shop and I just had a faulty battery issue.  I was back on the road to get some BBQ and head home before we knew it.

But the moral of the story is this… muscle just for muscle is nothing of interest to me.  I want the whole package!  I want a car that not only slams you back in your seat but also a car that FEELS like a million bucks.  I’m talking cars like these…



Now I’m not saying I can afford these BUT I’d love to someday.  I am a ways off that’s for sure, but someday I’ll be rolling.

As Tupac used to say… “Picture me rollin in my 500 benz!”

Racing, Muscle Cars, and More

So now that we have our new site up, I want to take a few minutes and let you know what kind of topics we will be covering…

Cars – everyone who reads this blog will likely enjoy cars.  Not just muscle cars either.  I’m talking luxury cars, cars from the future, and self-driving cars as well!  Everyone knows that in ten years or so, we won’t be the ones driving right?

Racing – All forms of racing are interesting to me.  Whether it’s two human beings pitted against each other, or 50 cars pitted against each other, it’s awesome.  You’re always on the edge of your seat and there is just so much unpredictability about it all.

Miscellaneous – I can’t promise that I won’t pop in the random post here and there.  While we will try and stay on topic, there’s just too many interesting things going on out there in the world today to NOT write about it.

What I’d also like to do is extend the offer to the readers to request different topics in the comments.  Under each blog post, simply make a comment and tell us your thoughts.  We’ll try to cover whatever it is you want us to cover!

Next week we’ve got not a whole lot going on so we do plan to do some serious writing.  I’ll be telling you about my plans to seriously update my garage into a new shop, my plans to make some passive income so I can buy a new hot rod, and more.

If you ever have ANY questions or concerns, please contact us.  We watch for email, and we’ll be happy to respond.