Luxury garages

A Luxury spot/carport for cars or different vehicles, a car garage can be anything! The primary feature of a car garage is to park and store the vehicle. Most of the luxury garages are used strictly for luxury or sports cars at wealthy homes. Many car lovers, rich garage owners, or just simple folks who are proud of their automobiles, use the garage area as a place to keep luxury automobiles such as top class cars. While some wealthy people keep acres long luxury garages with the most classic of vintage cars, most of us are just in need of a solid structure with a reliable garage door installed. Celebrities likewise keep their precious cars in luxury garages. So this is the definition of luxury garages; let’s talk about some expensive as well as luxurious car garages in the world.


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John Travolta Garage

Do a little search about John Travolta’s Garage and you will find amazing images of his Jumbolair estate. More than 15 luxury cars can be parked here. This garage likewise incorporates a 1.5 mile runway as well as a Gulftsteam jet; it is truly an expensive garage owned by a sybaritic person.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno is a famous talk show host as well as a celebrity who is also known for his love of cars. He has a collection of different cars and he keeps all of them in his private luxury garage known as Big Dog Garage. It is a 17000 sq. ft. Enormous garage incorporating a fabrication shop, machine shop, as well as a kitchen. The sad thing about this luxury garage is that it is closed for general public; however, you can see his garage on Google Images. If you want to visit this garage, you’ll have to spend $100 to get a personalized guided tour.

His garage EVEN has its own Youtube Page.  You can check that out for sure!

Ralph Lauren’s DAD luxury Garage

Ralph Lauren is a big fan of luxury car, and that is why he has a beautiful museum like garage known as DAD (David, Andrew, and Dylan; Ralph Lauren’s kids) garage in Westchester, NY.  It is truly a temple of cars, where car lovers genuflect. All the valuable collections of cars are kept here in this museum like a garage. Call it a temple or a Car heaven, it is truly a charming as well as a fascinating place, and panacea for car enthusiasts.

Craig Jackson Garage

We all know Craig Jackson, the CEO of a car collection company, but most of the people don’t know where keeps his luxury car collection. He has a luxury garage at his house, approx $2 million worth. The interior design of this garage has been simple yet unique due to its tire shape design, a computerized operating system, and leather panels.

True Muscle (and Luxury)

As you get to know me from this blog, you will find that I am not just all about speed, but I am a huge fan of luxury.  In fact, I actually prefer luxury over speed.

Let me tell you a little story about one time when I was traveling (and it not only includes me breaking down, but also having to hire a towing company to get me back on the road!)

Now I’m from the midwest, so I have driven all over to various car shows, exhibits, museums, you name it.  I always want to see what’s out there.  What are people building, creating, etc.

One time I took a trip to Saint Louis, MO to visit a car company there because I loved their custom work.  It was like a 4 hour drive, but whatever, it was worth it.  It always is.  Hey… I hear they had great BBQ AND cars so I was sold.  😉

The actual car competition was hosted by this company that specialized in muscle meets luxury.  So rather than your stupid, basic, leather bench seats like you see in the vast majority of customs being completed this year, they really go over the top.

They use leather steering wheels, add heated seats, and more.  We’re talking Bose sound systems and the whole nine.  It really is a treat to ride around in a car that can push 200 mph while being wrapped in luxurious fabrics and leathers.

The smell of those cars was insane.  I was in love.

And now for the bad part of the story.  I broke down!  My “muscle car” must have needed a little bit more luxury because it crapped out on me.  I hopped on Yelp and found a towing company in St. Charles to come hook me up.  Thank god it was nothing major.  They took me to a nearby body shop and I just had a faulty battery issue.  I was back on the road to get some BBQ and head home before we knew it.

But the moral of the story is this… muscle just for muscle is nothing of interest to me.  I want the whole package!  I want a car that not only slams you back in your seat but also a car that FEELS like a million bucks.  I’m talking cars like these…



Now I’m not saying I can afford these BUT I’d love to someday.  I am a ways off that’s for sure, but someday I’ll be rolling.

As Tupac used to say… “Picture me rollin in my 500 benz!”

Top luxury cars for 2015

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C is the latest trending car in 2015. It is attractively sexy, Italian thrilling car and it is available with a Targa top or as a coupe with 327HP turbo 4. The weight (carbon fiber body) is less as compared to other luxury cars. The Alfa Romeo is famous for its movie appearances like the James bond and the graduate. It has been a century that this car is ruling the world of luxury cars. This version is a sport luxury model, two-seater convertible, and it also incorporates a thrilling race mode. There is nothing better than this one.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Its appearance is muscular, long, sleep, and down. The style as well as the design is very natural & firm. Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a top class sports car with high performance and it is designed for sybaritic people. The combination of performance as well as the sporting design is truly iconic which created with an exceptional technology. It epitomizes all that is incredible about Aston Martin. Just look at it and you will feel the beast.  And then be ready to get a loan, because this one isn’t cheap.  With a price tag well over $150,000 you better have deep pockets to enjoy the power!

Audi Rs5

Audi cars are famous for both top class luxury and classical sedan. The new Rs5 incorporates unique Quattro all wheel drive system. The automotive system is designed to give better handling as it gives power to all the wheels so that the driver can drive with confidence. It is constructed in a way more delightful than any Audi car before it.

Buick Regal GS

The Canadian made 2015 Buick Regal includes impressive protection and technological innovative features with perfectly designed high-class touches all in a vehicle, wonderfully designed for driving convenience and confidence as well as the efficiency of a conventional 259HP turbo-charged engine. It comes with many sybaritic features and luxurious amenities, and it is one of the top luxury cars of 2015.

Mercedes Benz “S” Class-Coupe

The company offers this car in standard pretense as well as an AMG appearance bundle, which includes more forceful front as well as the back side designs and a more showy rendition of the brand’s grille. The S Class Coupe offers an improved variant of full LED headlights that are emphasized by forty seven cut-glass components supplied by Swarovski. This car is a complete package of luxury.

Bottom Line

2015 is a year of luxury cars like the Porsche 911, Hennessy venom GT, Mercedes F05, Shelby GT 350R, and so on.


Top car races coming up in 2015

Car races have always been a favorite sport for auto racing enthusiasts and we know that you guys are looking for upcoming  races in 2015. Well, talking about the top races, we cannot forget Formula one schedule; sadly, more than nine racing events are over, especially the Monaco Grand Prix. However, 10 formula one race events are still yet to come. So, it is not too late. Hungarian Grand Prix race event will be held at the end of this month, Belgian Grand Prix date is Aug 23, Italian Grand Prix date is September 6,  and the last Formula one race will be on November 29 in Abu Dhabi. We don’t know who will remain till the end, but Lewis Hamilton is for sure as he is currently at number 1 representing as usual Mercedes.  Nico Roseburg, Mercedes, is at number two, and Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, is at number three in current Formula one Standings.

Formula Cars Fact:

Why we refer these super amazing race cars as Formula Cars? Because they have to comply with a very strict module; a particular set of specification like typical design, outside wheels, open cockpits, and these cars are likewise built by racing teams.

NASCAR Sprint Cup

It is one of the most popular car racing event supported by National Associations and the governing body for stock car auto racing in the states. Its schedule covers more than 1500 races which consist of many rounds such as challenger round, Contender round, eliminator round, and the final one championship round. It is one of the three main series of NASCAR known as sprint Cup (February to November). There are many websites where you can find the results of previous races as well as schedules of recent races. The NASCAR Sprint Cup is the top car race championship in 2015.

European Touring Car Cup 2015

It is currently the eleventh FIA touring car cup consisting 6 major events in which three rounds are already done. The upcoming events are Masaryk Circuit (September 6), Circuit Zolder (20 September), and Autodromo DI Pergusa (11 October). It is a popular international touring car (heavily modified sponsored automobiles) racing championship. The series launched in 2005 and gained popularity around the globe. Most of the reputed car manufactures take part in this event like Chevrolet, BMW, Ford, SEAT, Honda, Volvo, and so on. Check out the official site for schedules and driver info.

Sporty cars for Summer

Every time when the snow melts away, sunshine lovers and driving folks look for new sports cars or they bring older cars out of hibernation. The toy you choose to pamper yourself could be anything like Porsche or Chevrolet. However, you don’t need a luxury car, and not everyone can afford this as well. Most of the people choose budget sports cars to enjoy their Sundays driving around or enjoying with their loved ones. So is there anything like affordable sports car? Anything less than $25000? Yes cars like Chevrolet Camaro, Mazda MX-5 Miata, and a few more are considered as affordable sports cars, and these are perfect sporty cars for summers with refreshed structure as well as redesigned looks.

Mazda MX-5 Miata 2016

The completely updated 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata is on sale and the base price is $24,790. The 2016 Miata goes ahead with the same essential equation of a small, two-seat convertible run by a 4-cylinder engine. The previous 2015 Mazda is still trending as the most suitable as well as an affordable sports car. If you are familiar with the previous version, then this latest model (2016) will surely be rewarding for you.

Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ

Well, the Miata has a few competitors like Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. These difficult to pronounce Japanese names are always in trends due to their athletic handling and sporty looks. Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ incorporates 4-cylinder engine, supportive front seats, and responsive steering. The Miata has a bigger back seat than these two cars; however, many critics suggest that these small back seats are ideal for luggage space as well as for kids. Both come with great features and the back seat space could be a Pro or Con; as per the needs.

Volkswagen GTI 2015

Volkswagen GTI 2015 is an affordable sports car with more functionality and practicality, as it is tied with the Mustang. This one doesn’t look like a typical sports car due to its hatchback style, which is perfect with more cargo space. If you are a tall person, you are going to love the rear seats. Its aggressive performance and styling makes it a perfect sporty car with affordability feature. There are many other features, but the best one is Fuel Range Alarm, which is ideal for longer trips. It is currently the number one sporty car for summer, priced at $26,205 (base price).

Types of electric cars

The electric cars are the automobiles that are operated by electricity. Most of the electric cars share same exterior with the gasoline ones, as many gasoline cars are converted into electric cars. One can easily identify the electric car by its sound as these types of cars are almost silent. However, one can see all the major differences when looking under the hood; electric motor, controller, rechargeable batteries, and more wires.

A 100 % pure electric car is considerably more Eco-friendly because the ecological price of electric power generation to charge an electrical powered car is much cheaper than the price of the gas to run a standard engine. On the other hand, electric autos are limited by range restrictions, limiting individuals to the distance they can travel between electricity charging stations.

The only issue with electric cars is the amount of electrical failure that can occur.  Think about it like one of your home appliances, maybe your refrigerator or something like that.  Powering that fridge is a complex electrical system that can fail and cost you thousands from a reputable appliance repair service.  You can then multiply this complexity times 10 when you consider the systems that are being put in these electric cars.  It’s truly something of power and precision.

Complex electric system for smart cars

Here is an example of an electrical system and all the different places things can go wrong. Just like a home appliance, there are many areas of failure. Photo from: Lorens Auto


Electric Car Types

Fully Electric Car: This type of cars are 100% pure electric. As mentioned above, these cars are not suitable for long journeys as their batteries require charging quite often; however, these cars can cover 80 to 130km after being charged. That is why, these cars are well suited for small towns.

Standard hybrid Car: The standard hybrid cars are quite common as these are around for more than 20 years. These types of cars incorporates two engines; electric engine as well as a heat engine (gas/diesel). The major disadvantage of this car is its weight. Obviously, the two engines included make the vehicle heavy which causes low speed and bad performance

Plug In Hybrid Car: A plug-in hybrid car, also known as rechargeable hybrid car, is a passenger type of car which uses benefits of both Gasoline power and electric battery. Based on the range that the plug-in hybrid car needs to travel, it might be run solely without gas, ultimately causing the optional name of “gas-option hybrid” to explain these vehicles. A number of companies offer conversion solutions; standard hybrid to plug in hybrid, and a few car firms have addressed the customer requirement by making plug-in editions of their gasoline and hybrid cars.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in buying an electric car, then cars converted from the standard gasoline ones are the best. You can look for the companies that have a reputation in converting cars. You can likewise look for a company or business that sell car conversion kits. Keep in mind that the research is very much required while buying an electric car; it should meet all the crash safety standards.

Types of car interiors

Car interior features a lot of things such as panel, interior design, as well as other components. The design represents the looks as well as the placement of the components inside a car. Auto companies have a main interior designer that leads a group of people that follows his or her concept of completing the interior of the car. A useful, yet charming interior is a crucial selling feature for all the cars; however, sybaritic buyers who only purchase high-end luxury cars particularly expect to have fascinating and fashioned car interiors.


The inside design for automobiles incorporates everything from the kind of material used to protect the seats to the area of gauges on the device board. Car interior must be eye catching, but the first concern should be the safety of the car; such as low pile carpeting. The merest trifle of design detail could lead to serious injuries or accidents. Thus, the safety should be considered in the first place.

Car Interior Design and External Style

When it comes to the feel and looks of the car’s interior, it should synchronize well with the car external style and all round price. Obviously, a person looking for budget car would expect practical and basic interior. On the other hand, a sybaritic person who is a lover of luxury cars would expect advanced interior design with sporty styles.  It’s just like shopping for a luxury home…. of COURSE you are going to expect an amazing interior home design as well as exterior design within that home since you are spending millions of dollars.  You’d expect it to be professionally decorated by an interior designer and have all the top tier finishes.  The same goes with car interior design.

View some amazing luxury home designs from Home Designing.

A costly car would not sell with cheap interiors; rich fabric or leather seats instead of vinyl. In the past, ashtrays place on the armrests were trending in car interior, but now time has changed and people prefer decent cup holders and other demanding features.

Bottom Line

No subtle element can be neglected when it comes to the interior architecture; particularly where safety is involved. The instrument panels as well as the center console must be accessible to the car driver. The electronic devices such as GPS, must be mounted appropriately and at the perfect spot on the dashboard so that the person driving can easily see it. Windshield mechanism should be likewise easier. Air conditioning vents, cooling effects, and other components must not be ignored when it comes to the interior design. Most of the Interior Design Businesses know how to collaborate aesthetic with safety and comfortability, but certain aspects should be pointed out and the owner must pay attention to all these aspects. Just find appropriate ways to include “ease of access” and aesthetic in your car interior designs.

The fastest cars in 2015

Most of the fastest cars are high end super-cars that usually cost more than $500000. Mostly, wealthy people consider buying these cars; however, people in love with sports car or super cars also buy these fastest cars. Some considered these super-cars as a status symbol while other buy them for their passion for luxury super-cars. Yes, these cars are known for their eye catching features, power, and speed. Undoubtedly, these can help you reach anywhere swiftly, because of their power and faster acceleration. Let’s talk about the fastest cars in 2015.

Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT is swifter than one can imagine; it’s a beast with 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2. 5 seconds. It is the fastest car in 2015, which is currently trending around the globe. Obviously, the price is a gaudy $1,000,000 exclusive of taxes; great to set a jovial mood. Its top speed (270mph) was tested at NASA runway on Feb 14th.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is also a fast car with astronomical features. Its top speed is 268mph. It enjoyed the title of “fastest car” for more than 3 years, but currently it is in second place due to the launch of Venom GT. However, it is still a fast car and popular worldwide. The original version is priced at $1700000.

Koenigsegg Agera R

It can reach zero to sixty within 3 seconds and its standard price is $1600000. Being a fast car, Agera R is considered best for snow sports. Agera R is a furious hyper car and it is likewise famous for its top performance and speed (260mph).

SSC Ultimate Aero

SSC Ultimate Aero is at number four as its top speed is 257 mph; a bit less than Agera R. But the platform cost is quite impressive $650000. It also got the title of the fastest car around the globe in 2007, by Guinness world record. Shelby Super-Cars will proceed their pursuit to recover the title of “fastest car”, and their new “SSC Tuatura” could possibly deliver the results. Waiting!!!

Bottom Line

While Super-cars have pulled the interest as well as the creative ability of many, but they have likewise drawn the rage of some. Most of these cars are inefficient when it comes to fuel mileage, but the people who buy such super cars are capable of maintaining them. A super car doesn’t have to be a fast car; however, it is the world of comparisons as well as the competition.

If you’re purchasing some of these amazing rides, you better have the type of garage to keep them safe.  You’d want to have a professional garage door installer create something like this.  And you’d likely have multiple garage doors to move cars in, out, and around.  Check out this sweet collection below…

Garage full of luxury cars

Garage full of luxury cars from


Technology in cars: Intelligent Cars

Also Known as smart cars, intelligent care are automobiles that are  outfitted with the system operated styles of artificial intelligence. The actual idea of the intelligent car is to free the car driver from many of the ordinary tasks involved with driving, creating the act of driving more enjoyable and sybaritic. Supporters of this type of technology often observe that by minimizing the car driver of the decision making process, there is the chance that the extensive use of smart cars would help to make the roads much more secure than they are nowadays.  For example, imagine a case where a car would be approaching a larger vehicle like a limousine or 18 wheeler.  The car could literally stop on a dime to prevent a rear end collision.  Car tech can save lives.

smart car technology

smart cars can help save lives… preventing accidents with other larger vehicles like trucks, limos, party buses, and more.


Artificial Intelligence

The concept of an intelligent car has been around for many years. Television shows and movies have in some cases included autos with  extremely designed artificial intelligence, and a few were even able of free thought as well as the action. While the truth of the intelligent car is not quite as impressive and cutting edge as those imaginative theatrical depictions, proceeding with endeavors to take advantage of existing technology has prompted various auto advancements that are currently being tested.

Automated Emergency Notification System

Intelligent car advancement has currently led to some developments that are very common on many brands as well as the models today. One of the best examples of this is the latest “automated emergency notification system”; in which sensors on the car connect with a main assistance company and pass on problems alerts when there is an accident or some kind of technical failing. These same frameworks likewise allow voice communication between the car driver and remote staff who can provide assistance by alerting authorities, and in this manner give help to an infirm or injured driver.

Bottom Line

Initiatives to make an intelligent car for mass production is accelerating, with many of the efforts led by government approved commissions and organizations. Some private considerations are also engaged in the ongoing efforts to make the greatest intelligent car. There are many great features that are “under development” such as intoxication monitoring system, medical distress detection, driving without human input, and safe driving features. The traffic sign identification system is also a potential task which might include in the technology of cars. The technology in cars is advancing day by day, and we can surely say that we’ll see many advanced car technologies in future. The future of driving is bright with self driving cars, which are just a few years away.

My top 5 websites for speed junkies and car lovers alike

So I wanted to put together a list of resources that I head to when I need information, images, or all of the above.  Let’s get right into it…

1.  Wikipedia

It doesn’t get much more authoritative than good ole wiki!  Their my go to place when I need anything about…

What are the fastest cars on the planet?  How much do they cost?  What types of motors do they have?  Who owns them?

And so on, forever and ever.  They are a wealth of information all in one place.



This is like the New York Times for car lovers.   I head here everyday to stay up to date on car news in the morning.  It’s kinda like my morning paper.



Once again, another site for car lovers BY car lovers.  They post great videos and images, so they are much less “newsy” than auto news.  They are more for reading an article on your favorite car from the 80’s, or viewing a demo video of the newest electric car from Mercedes.  They cover luxury, speed, and all of the above.



Ready to do a little wishful thinking?  Head over to and shop.  It’s like car porn…. you can get as exotic as you’d like.  Dream a little.  😉

Sometimes I’ll head there just to dream, but other times I will go there to find off the wall cars I’d actually be able to afford.  You can contact dealerships and individuals directly from their interface.



Now this is the cred de la crem.  Is that how you spell that?

If you want to devour the most bad ass cars you’ll never be able to afford this is it.  No need to head anywhere else.  Just head to their autos page and you’ll see everything from sick armored cars to Lambos.  I can’t get enough of this site when I am just looking to veg out and dream!!!


I hope you like my list.  If you have some others to add please leave them in the comments below!